Cold November Rain by Nicole Warren
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Cold November Rain : Author Interview

What was your inspiration for Cold November Rain? What did you hope to accomplish with the theme?

My inspiration came from a favorite show of mine. One of the female characters is a mother with a complicated past which brings about much confliction between what she wants to do versus what she should do. In the beginning she is quite pensive and conflicted and while that might be a turn off to some, I was inspired by that. I think so many women feel that way and I wanted to write a story that explores how a mother makes tough choices in her life when faced with tragedy, hurts, and of course, desires.

Many women feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to be perfect for everyone around them and as a result secrets are birthed and guilt ensues. Women’s lives are complicated and, I believe, always will be; we’re pulled in so many different directions. Instead of bemoaning that fact, I wanted to celebrate it. Strength can come from adversity and that’s what I hope the readers get from Charlotte’s journey.

What about the romance? How spicy is it?

Oh, there’s plenty of romance! Though, Charlotte is resistant. Her heartbreak is preventing her from fully trusting Emmett and she might not ever be able to give her entire heart to another. Also, both Emmett and Charlotte are in their 40’s - they have children and exes and all sorts of fun things thrown their way to navigate. Just as in real life, it’s not all smooth sailing. They have to be committed to not throwing in the towel. J

As far as spice, I’m a mother to two teens and they’re well aware that I write. I personally chose to keep the romance pretty tame for that reason, though I pass no judgment on those who write spicy novels with abandon! (I certainly enjoy reading them!) I’m just not so bold and so prefer to focus on the chemistry (which can be quite compelling in its own right) and not the deed, so to speak.

Give us some of your favorite authors.

As a teenager I read a lot of Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins, and of course, Harlequin romance novels. I always particularly liked Danielle Steel because she encompasses family into a lot of her works and I’m inspired by that.

Nowadays I enjoy authors such as Sylvia Day, Jodi Ellen Malpas, and Kresley Cole.  I also enjoy young adult romance as well as fantasy and paranormal romances with writers like Stephanie Meyer, Nalini Singh, and J.R. Ward.  My tastes are varied but they must share the romance vein!

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