Cold November Rain by Nicole Warren
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Cold November Rain Character Bios

After being widowed, Charlotte moved on quickly—and suffered dire consequences as a result. By shutting herself off from the world, she fights to hide from the past, all the while fearing that danger could still lurk in the present.

Charlotte   Stats
A widow and mother of two college-aged kids, Charlotte has much holding her back from living her life as the confident woman she struggled for years to become in the first place.

Charlotte is barely forty years old with a harrowed past fraught with flashbacks; her family life is complicated, with guilt being her primary driving force in parenting her children; and her past love-life is a source of both timidity and heartache.
  Mother of two college-aged kids: Aubrie and Blake; Attorney by trade, heir to deceased husband’s millions.

- 40 years old

- 5’ 5” slim build

Strawberry blond hair, fair skin, green eyes

Emmett   Stats
A retired NFL player with a soon-to-be ex-wife causing trouble up and down the California coastline for him and an ex-wife of many years with whom he has remained friendly for the sake of their twin boys (now in college) are all enough to juggle without adding someone as riddled as Charlotte into the mix.

Emmett can’t resist helping Charlotte in her time of need and he soon finds himself falling for her. Though her words are clear in conveying she’s not interested in romance, their chemistry betrays Charlotte’s protestations.

Will Emmett break down the fortress Charlotte has built around herself, to claim a love he knows they both deserve or will he discover everything he fought for was a lie?
  Father of 19 year old twin boys; Retired NFL player; Owner, Sports Media Firm

- 47 years old

- 6’ 3” approx., thick, muscular build

Medium brown hair, loose curls, gray eyes

Julian   Stats
The CEO of an internationally respected personal security firm and ex spy and Special Forces soldier with the British military, Julian is well-versed in protecting both people and assets.

Julian has always prided himself on a job well done but one personal failure of horrifically epic proportions has threatened to be his undoing as he struggles precariously to move on while trying desperately to maintain his humanity.

Saddled with bouts of anxiety so extreme that he seems to lose sense of place and time, will Julian be able to let go and heal once and for all, or will he be seduced into a cat and mouse game rife with betrayal and lies, sending him into an evil tailspin from which he will never recover?
  No children; Ex British spy and Special Forces; Owner, International Personal Security Firm

- 45 years old

- 6’ 4” lean, muscular build

Dark brown hair, kept short, dark hazel eyes

Asa   Stats
Charlotte’s adorable side kick, Asa, is a fluffy ginger colored Pomeranian full of pep. He is there for Charlotte on her worst days to radiate happiness where there might otherwise be none, giving comfort when she needs it most.   No offspring; personal escort and confidante to Charlotte

-1 ½ years old

- 6 pounds, petite

Fluffy Red Sable hair, brown eyes

Aubrey   Stats
 College-aged daughter to Charlotte, Aubrie is a strong headed young lady with a tender heart who fiercely protects those she loves, sometimes to the chagrin of Charlotte. Her best friend and roommate is her cousin, Chloe. Her older brother, Blake, lives in NYC but pays a visit later in the summer.   Freshman at Pepperdine University

- 18 years old

- 5’ 7” and fit

Strawberry blond hair, greenish-blue eyes

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