Nicole Warren
Author of Romance & Women’s Fiction

A riveting trilogy of betrayal, loss, and love. Read on to see where each book picks up in Charlotte’s life, and what it might mean for her future...

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Cold November Rain

Charlotte's Book 1 : Moving On

After being widowed, Charlotte moved on quickly and suffered dire consequences. By shutting herself off from the world, she fights to hide from the past, all the while fearing danger could still lurk in the present.

Before long, Charlotte is forced out of her cocoon and soon falls into the arms of Emmett, a man full of love and joy. His patience helps her come out of her shell, and she finally risks her heart to love again, though she’s still haunted by scars that must remain hidden.

When Charlotte comes face-to-face with her past, her heart is forced to brave the truth. Will her secrets cause her final undoing or could the past provide the key to her future?

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Ashes to Ashes

Charlotte's Book 2: A Look Back

After a home break-in, Charlotte’s husband insisted on round the clock protection. Ash was to be her personal bodyguard. Whether she wanted him or not, she could never admit.

Then tragedy struck. Her husband died, leaving her alone to fend for her children and business. Falling for temptation, she turned to Ash despite certain backlash from friends, family, and employees.

Ash was undeterred. His obsession was to set Charlotte free of the ties that bind, while hers was to do the same for him. Problem was, he never asked. And there would be hell to pay.

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His Promises Kept

Charlotte's Book 3 : Finishing What Was Started

Promises were made and hearts were broken. There were cold and lonely days, scorching nights, and pasts and futures obscured.

Tragedies serve to either drive hearts apart or forge them together ever stronger. Sometimes, might they do both?

For Charlotte, Julian, and Emmett, the time of reckoning has arrived and new futures will be conceived. Out of the ashes, promises must be kept.

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